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At Painting by Lisa we create beautiful, custom  painted farm signs, RV park, and campground signs that set you apart from your competitors and paint your business in its best light. We’re a family run business. All of our signs are hand painted with love from our home in Up-State New York.

That’s because our all-weather outdoor signs are, well, more than just custom painted farm signs. They’re hand painted works of art that guests love to interact with. Painting By Lisa’s hand-painted and hand crafted signs fit the look of agritourism farms. They’re not mass produced or computer generated. Each one is hand painted – you can see the brush strokes! Our signs are approachable, not garish, detailed and accurate. We’re inundated with mass produced, computer images. Let Painting By Lisa provide your farm with a one-of-a-kind work of art that your guests can actually engage with!

Folks can’t help but smile while posing with custom photo op signs such as “Growing Memories” and “Scarecrow Family.” Our photo cutout signs, with your business name integrated into the design, affirm the great times your guests had. They’ll remember those great times — and where they experienced them — when they look at their photos. And they’ll share those photos with others. It’s invaluable advertising that pays for itself.

Your guests will love our educational, directional, attraction and roadside signs, too. You can see and learn about the benefits of these farm signs, campground signs, and RV park signs on this site. We are friendly, responsive, and fun to work with, as our clients throughout nearly every state and across Canada can attest.

We ship throughout the United States and Canada. Email or call us at 518.881.7200 if you’re ready to order, have questions, or if you’d just like to get to know us better.